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Join us in Knoxville, Iowa
July 12-18, 2024

Fair Board & Staff

Meet the Leadership and Committee Members of the Marion County Fair

Our fair board and staff work together to bring you a Marion County Fair you can be proud of. Each year’s fair is meticulously planned and brought to fruition by the hardworking members of our officers, board of directors and committee members.


President - Bob Roush
Vice President - Dustin DeMoss
Secretary - Jim Baker
Treasurer - Brian Bailey
General Manager - Jason Reed

Board of Directors

Term Expires December 2024:
Brian Bailey, Jerry Beyer, Dennis Haselhuhn, Judd Nelson, Dustin DeMoss, Doug Harsin, Tyler VanderLinden and Josh Link

Term Expires December 2025:
Jim Baker, Kyle Kingery, Kevin DeLong, Bob Riggen, Randy Shives, Kirn Stevenson, Art Worrall and Jim Bob Darnell

Term Expires December 2026:
Randy Wilson, Ron Rees, Derek Just, Terry Harvey, Mike Jones, Bob Roush, Andy Shives, and Rick Rankin

Fair Committee

Chairman - Derek Just
Dustin DeMoss, Kyle Kingery, Andy Shives, Kirn Stevenson, Tyler Vanderlinden, Judd Nelson, Bob Roush, Jason Reed

Improvement Committee

Chairman - JimBob Darnell
Brian Bailey, Terry Harvey, Mike Jones, Josh Link, Bob Riggen, Randy Wilson, Bob Roush, Jason Reed

Race Committee

Chairman - Art Worrall
Jerry Beyer, Kevin DeLong, Doug Harsin, Dennis Haselhuhn, Rick Rankin, Ron Rees, Randy Shives, Bob Roush, Jason Reed

Extension Staff

Office Manager/Program Assistant - Hannah Offenburger

County Youth Coordinator - Ashtin Wells

Education Coordinator - Lydia Dingeman

Bring Your Friends & Family For a Fun-Filled Time at the Marion County Fair

For more details and fair office information, get in touch with us today.

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